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IOSH Working Safely Course

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Globally recognised IOSH Working Safely qualification training course

Portrea Training is able to deliver this course to your location.

The IOSH Working Safely qualification is vital as every manager needs an understanding of their safety and health responsibilities within the workplace.

Who the course is for?

The IOSH Working Safely course is for anyone – and everyone – in a working role who wants to learn the basics of safety and health within the workplace.

Why it the IOSH Working Safely Works

  • The course is designed for anyone, in any workplace sector, worldwide

  • It provides the knowledge and tools required to work safely within the workplace

  • We are able to work flexibly to offer delivery of our IOSH Working Safely course that suits your business

  • The IOSH Working Safely qualifications is an Internationally recognised and respected certification

  • We provide efficient and effective learning

What to expect from our IOSH Working Safely course

  • Our case studies create memorable and thought-provoking facts

  • We use clear examples and recognisable scenarios within our modules

  • We summarise throughout the course to reinforce key points

  • Attendees are provided with checklists and materials for subsequent use in the workplace

  • Interactive quizzes and discussions that are informal and interactive

  • Multi-format question paper and multiple choice hazard spotting exercises to evaluate the attendees understanding of course content

Top 5 business benefits

  • Our working Safely course is delivered in just one day (including the course assessment)

  • Following the course, your business will benefit from greater productivity with fewer hours lost to sickness and accidents

  • Improved organisation-wide safety awareness culture and appreciation of safety measures

  • IOSH Working Safely qualification is an internationally recognised certification for employees

Top 5 delegate benefits

  • IOSH Working Safely is recognised by CSCS as equivalent to a Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment

  • This course gives delegates the knowledge to define hazards and risks

  • Delegates can identify common hazards

  • Improves overall safety performance

Successful delegates are awarded an IOSH Working Safely Certificate

Contact us to apply for the IOSH Working Safely training course or learn more about our other available IOSH and RQF training courses.

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